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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Signature Patches

December 21st, 2012

Christmas is a few days away and we wanted to take a moment to let you know about our holiday schedule and to extend our wishes for a joyous and memorable holiday and an equally happy and prosperous New Year.  Our sales office will close for Christmas break from December 22nd, 2012 through January 2nd, 2013. We will reopen for business on January 3rd, 2013 at 9:00 AM. Orders placed after the 21st will be processed January 3rd and will incur a longer time frame for delivery.

Thank you for your business and continued support this year.  We are extremely grateful for you, your projects, and your creativity.  We look forward to assisting you in 2013 and beyond.  As always, you can visit our website located at for more information about custom patches.  You can even peruse our galleries to see some of our finest examples of artwork.  We continue to put our customers first.  That’s why we offer free price quotes, free design services, and free shipping to your choice of US address.

Reach out to us by emailing or calling 1-800-257-9664.  Our sales team will work with you to ensure that your ideas are honored and communicated to our talented team of designers.  Once they’ve completed your design, we send it to you for approval.  Once the order is paid for, we submit it to our production department for manufacturing.  It’s as easy as that.

What do you plan on celebrating in 2013?  We hope that you’ll continue to use us for all of your custom patch needs.  Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We look forward to assisting you!

National Hugging Day Patches Promote Kindness

December 10th, 2012

January 21st is National Hugging Day.  Have you ordered your custom patches yet?  If you haven’t, now is the time to do just that.  We can help.  We’ve been making custom patches for customers for years.  Our experience and professionalism shines through with every order that we work on.  Our customers come back to us year after year because of the excellent customer service we provide to them.

National Hugging Day patches can be created in a number of different sizes, shapes, and colors.  You also have a choice as to what style of backing that you include on the patches.  The different styles that we offer include:

  • No Backing (FREE)
  • PVC Backing (FREE)
  • Iron-On Backing
  • Peel & Stick Backing
  • Velcro Backing
  • Tuxedo Clip Attachment

Promote kindness by ordering patches for your National Hugging Day event.  You can hand patches out to people attending a conference or workshop held by your business or organization.  You can thank service providers like nurses, teachers, and first responders with a meaningful gift.

Order custom patches today.  Visit to request a no obligation, free price quote and digital file containing the artwork that we created for you.  Email your request to or call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  Contact us to get the design process started.  Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Create Custom Patches to Honor Your Volunteers

November 29th, 2012

Volunteers contribute to the success of many businesses, schools, clubs, and organizations.  Without these individuals, there would simply be too much work to do.  If you are in charge of recruiting and retaining volunteers, we have an idea for you.  Why not use custom patches to thank them for their contribution of hard work and servitude.

Patches make ideal gifts for a number of different reasons.  First of all, they’re customized to reflect the values and mission of the customer.  That’s what makes the patches personal and meaningful for the volunteers.  People will love having something that helps them remember their experience volunteering.

Next, patches are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors.  You can even choose the style of backing that best meets your volunteers’ needs.  Last but not least, patches are visible.  Because they’re attached to an article of clothing, hat or bag, you increase the exposure of your business, school, club or organization.  People will see the patches and equate them with the type of work you and your volunteers do.  This is a great way to promote your business, non-profit, university or youth club.

Volunteer patches boost esteem and get people excited about helping out your company, campus or cause.  Create a personal memento for the people who donate their time, resources, and money.  We’ll be more than happy to help you every step of the way throughout the ordering process.

Include custom patches at your next awards ceremony.  Visit to learn more about the ordering process.  While you’re there, don’t forget to take a look at our gallery for inspiration.  Email your request to or call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free to speak to a Signature Patches representative.  Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Happy Thanksgiving from Signature Patches

November 21st, 2012

The holidays are important to us and we know they are to you too.  With this in mind, we want to take a moment to express our thanks to you for trusting us with your custom patch needs.  Signature Patches wants to wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day.  We will be closed on Nov 22nd and 23rd to spend time with our family members and friends.  We will reopen for business during our normal hours on Nov 26th.  Any questions you have about placing an order or an order of patches that has already been placed will be addressed at this time.

Thanksgiving is an extra special holiday.  Thank you for placing orders with us each and every year.  We enjoy making custom patches for your businesses, organizations, clubs, sports teams, and churches.  If you anticipate a need for our products any time in the future, don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Custom patches are the type of item people from all walks of life enjoy wearing. From youth to adults, we can create a design for you that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  If you want to set yourself apart from the next guy, do so with custom patches from Signature Patches.

Order patches today.  Visit to request a free price quote and to take advantage of our free design services and free shipping.  Email your request to  You can also call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We can’t wait to assist you with your custom patch needs right away.

Custom Patches to Announce Your Holiday Toy Run

November 16th, 2012

With the holidays fast approaching, more and more organizations and clubs are preparing for their annual toy runs.  If you happen to be a group with a charitable interest, you can honor your riders by creating custom patches to hand out to them the day of your scheduled event.

Custom patches are great because they’re useful and attractive.  They can be attached to a vest or jacket in a number of different ways.  Options range from sewing to ironing on or Velcroing the patches onto an article of clothing, bag or hat.  The choice is up to you as to what style of backing best meets your needs.

Custom patches can be created in a number of different sizes, shapes, and styles.  For example, we offer different edges to meet your needs.  Choose from 75% with Merrowed Edge, 100% Merrowed Edge or a Heat Cut Edge.  Each option enhances the appearance of your custom patches by making them visually appealing and memorable to the people that see them.

Our services include:

  • FREE Artwork & Design With Unlimited Revisions.
  • FREE UPS Air Shipping. Guaranteed
  • Guaranteed Delivery in 14 business days or less
  • Quality & Workmanship 100% Guaranteed.
  • A High Thread Count, Fine Twill Backings for Long Lasting Quality
  • Up to 7 Thread Colors at NO Additional Charge.

Order custom patches in time for your holiday toy run.  Visit to request a free price quote.  Email your request to or call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We will answer your inquiry by providing you with a free price quote and email attachment containing the custom artwork that we created for your holiday toy run patches.

Custom Patches for Your New Year’s Celebration

November 12th, 2012

New Year’s is right around the corner.  People are gearing up for the exciting event in a number of different ways.  Some plan parties while others invite friends or club members over for dinner and drinks.  Some businesses or organizations throw fundraisers and many schools have dances to mark the occasion.

No matter what you have planned for 2013, one thing is certain.  Custom patches make great gifts for everyone in attendance at your event.  Attractive in appearance and sentimental in nature, they’re the type of item that appeals to people in all age groups.  Children and adults alike will love wearing custom patches on clothing or hats and sewing or attaching the mementos to a bag or backpack.

Patches come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.  They can also be created with different types of attachments on them to fit your needs.  Patches are great for identifying employees, establishing rank among a club or organization, adding flare to a school uniform, and rewarding a job well done.  Consider making custom patches part of your New Year’s celebration.  We can help you come up with a design that fits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Order patches for your New Year’s celebration.  We can help.  Visit to request a free price quote.  Email your design ideas to or call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We’ll send you an email with an attachment containing the artwork that we created for you.  Once you approve the design and pay for your order, we will submit it to our production department for manufacturing.  As always, shipping to the United States is free.

Custom Patches for Class Reunion Month

September 20th, 2012

Class reunions offer excitement.  You get to meet up and mingle with old classmates and catch up on the years that passed.  There are plenty of activities to engage in.  Some reunion committees rent hotels or banquet halls and host elaborate dances.  Others plan trips to exotic locations like Hawaii or Cancun.  All give away some type of memento to remember the event by.

Why not give custom patches to your former classmates as souvenirs at your next class reunion?   The small but meaningful gifts can be sewn onto an article of clothing or a hat and worn by members of your class.  This is a great way to show pride in the past.  Former students enjoy looking back at their yester years and everything that high school had to offer them in terms of education, friendship, and community.

Edge Styles to Choose From

Patches come in a variety of different sizes and styles.  Here are some edge options you can choose from:

  • 75% with Merrowed Edge
  • 100% with Merrowed Edge
  • Heat Cut Edge

Backing Styles to Choose From

Backing options include:

  • No Backing
  • PVC Backing
  • Iron-On Backing
  • Peel & Stick Backing
  • Velcro Backing
  • Tuxedo Clip Attachment
  • Safety Pin Attachment

Order custom patches for Class Reunion Month.  Visit to request a no obligation, free price quote and full color digital proof.  Send your ideas to or call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We’ll make patches that you’re proud to hand out at your class reunion.  Get started on the designing and ordering process today.

New York City Themed Patches Show the Excitement of the Big Apple

September 19th, 2012

New York City is filled with excitement and history.  From its famed Statue of Liberty to its thriving arts and culture scene to its Fashion District, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the Big Apple.  Restaurants, museums, and Broadway shows remain popular attractions.  So do sporting events, concerts, and shopping districts.

If your business or organization happens to be located in one of the most traveled to cities in the United States, you should create something for others to remember you by.  Embroidered patches are great for this reason.  Considered the ultimate souvenir, they can be customized with your name, logo, and location.  This helps people remember you and the things your business or organization supports and promotes.

Custom patches can be created in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your needs.  We offer several edge and backing options to round out your design.  You can sell patches to visitors to NYC by having these items readily available and presented attractively at the front of your business or organization.  If you’d like, you can donate the proceeds from the sale of your patches to a local charity.  Groups benefit from your generosity in a number different ways.  Make your mark in your community.

Order your New York City themed patches today and put your business or organization on the map.  Visit to request a no obligation, FREE price quote and full color digital proof.  Submit your design ideas and questions to a Signature Patches representative.  Email or call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We can’t wait to get started on artwork for your Big Apple patches.

What Are the Other Types of Patches That Can Be Ordered from Signature Patches?

September 5th, 2012

When it comes to creating custom patches with Signature Patches, you have options.  From size, shape, style, and type of backing, we offer a variety to choose from.  The patches that we create for you are a reflection of your business or organization, its people, and mission.  That’s why it’s so important for us to get it right the very first time around.

After you’ve contacted us with your design ideas, we send you a price quote and full color digital proof to review free of charge.  If you see changes that need to be made to your design, simply let us know.  We want you to be happy with the patches that we create for you each and every time you order from us.

Here are a few of the different styles of patches that you might want to order for your business or organization:

  • You can make a patch on 100% felt with your design made in thread on top of the felt.
  • We also offer a patch made with 100% velvet with the design made in thread.
  • There is another process we can do for patches and that is a type of rubber PVC patch. It’s made from rubber and is very durable and strong.  It’s nice if you want your patches to be weather resistant in rain and snow.

Create custom patches for your business or organization today.  Visit to see the different styles we have to offer our customers.  Submit your design ideas to  You can also speak to a representative by calling 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We’ll answer your questions and give you suggestions on ways to make your patches stand out.

What Options Do I Have for My Patches?

July 16th, 2012

When it comes to creating custom patches for your business, your options are virtually limitless.  That’s why we wanted to take a moment to answer some of the questions that are commonly asked of us.

How many threads colors can I put on a patch?

We offer up to seven thread colors at no extra charge on any design.  Any other thread colors after seven it add 0.10 per color after that.  There is no limit to the colors you can have on a patch.  It all depends on the design and the amount of room in order for the machine to stitch.

Besides the standard backings (Iron on, Peel and Stick and Velcro), are there any other options for my custom patches?

Tuxedo Clip attachment is another option. It will allow you to just clip your custom patch to any type of material for wear or to show off your logo. It also comes with a safety pin you can pin it on also. You can use a safety pin attachment also. The cost of this type of tuxedo clip only cost $0.50 per unit. The pin depends on the size of the patch, custom quote.

We also offer a clothing magnet type of backing. It will allow you to attach it to any type of steel or metal surface. Every patch will need that type of backing will be quoted from our factory due to size of your design.

There is one more type of backing and that is a PVC backing. This allows your patch to be a bit more durable as far as wear and    tear on your patch. It allows your design to be seen from afar. It keeps your design flat when sewed onto your article of clothing.

Create your own custom patches today with our assistance. Visit to see samples of the patches we’ve created in the past for other customers.  Call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free or email to request a free price quote and full color digital proof.