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Custom Embroidered Patches in Los Angeles, CA Serve As the Ultimate Reward

February 21st, 2012

People as a whole enjoy being rewarded for their efforts.  That’s why gift items like custom embroidered patches are such a hit in cities like Los Angeles, California.  Groups, organizations, and businesses create incentives as a way of accomplishing goals.  The more people they get onboard with the process, the more successful they are as a whole.  That’s why they order embroidered patches.  They know that the reward item will motivate their members, employees, and volunteers and they will see results in a powerful and positive way.

People love showing off their Los Angeles embroidered patches.  They put them on articles of clothing, hats, and bags as a way of affiliating themselves with a group, organization or business.  This allows others to acknowledge their accomplishment and know that they are part of club, non-profit or company.  When you think about patches, which groups of people come to mind?  Do you think about motorcycle clubs or civil service employees?  Do you picture Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts?  How could you use your own custom patches?

Here are just a few suggestions that might interest you:

  • Use them to identify members, volunteers, employees, and vendors.
  • Reward sales goals and years of service.
  • Promote special events and programs.
  • Give them away to special customers.

Don’t let another special event or occasion pass you by.  Visit today to request a free price quote and full color digital proof featuring your design idea.  We can help you come up with artwork for your patches that helps you accomplish everything you set out to do in 2012.  Email with your inquiry or call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  A helpful sales representative will be available to answer any questions you might have about the ordering process.

How Many Thread Colors Can I Put on a Patch?

February 16th, 2012

Color is one of the many things that make a custom patch stand out.  That’s why it’s important to select thread colors that complement your design and make it outstanding to look at and wear.  We decided to address this topic in our blog today because color is something that should never be overlooked when designing custom patches with Signature Patches.

We offer up to seven thread colors at no extra charge on any design.  Any other thread colors after seven is $ 0.10 per color.  There is no limit to the colors you can have on a patch.  It all depends on the design and the amount of room that the machine has to stitch.  What this means is this.  You have creative license over your custom patches.  They can be as bold and as beautiful as you want to make them.

Depending on the size, shape, and style of patch that you choose, you can do a lot with color.  You can use it to accentuate different areas of the design.  You also can use it to recreate emblems, mascots, and logos.  This is a great option for businesses, organizations, and sports teams because it allows the image to be reproduced in a way that is accurate and visually appealing.

In addition to using color on your custom patches, did you know that you also can choose the style of backing that they have?  That’s right!  You can even choose no backing at all!  You can sew, iron-on or use Velcro to attach your custom patches to articles of clothing or hats.  Easy-to-apply and long lasting, there are few products that make as bold of statement as custom embroidered patches.

Visit today to request a free price quote and full color digital proof.  You can also email us at or call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We’ll discuss your ideas with you, answer any questions you might have about the ordering process, and make suggestions on ways to make your colorful, custom patches stand out!



Embroidered Patches in Orlando, Florida Provide Identification

February 13th, 2012

Embroidered patches in Orlando, Florida provide identification.  On school and work uniforms, they are the ultimate fashion accessory.  In addition to being stylish and attractive, custom FL patches make it easy to identify students and workers.  When sewn onto a jacket, sweater or shirt, they are highly visible to the public.  This helps generate interest in a Florida business or organization.

Custom Orlando patches allow others to know where your students or employees come from.  They also let the public know what school or industry they work in.  This is an ideal way to personalize a standard uniform shirt or jacket.  Attractive and meaningful, FL patches make people feel special.  They can be used to recognize individual and group efforts.  That’s because they’re customized with images and text.

Embroidered patches come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors.  They can be round or square or cut-to-shape.  Whatever image or text a school or business wants included on the patches is possible.  In fact, our team of talented designers can take the simplest idea and turn it into something that looks remarkable.

Submit your inquiry to us today and have a full color digital proof and price quote delivered to your inbox.  This allows you to examine the design and provide feedback on the revisions that you want made.  Once approved, your Orlando, Florida patch will be sent to the production department for manufacturing.

Putting a location like Orlando, Florida on a patch is easy.  Just let your Signature Patches sales representative know that is something you’re interested in when you call for a free price quote.  The number to reach us at is 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  You can also email  We can’t wait to hear your ideas and begin working on your custom patches.


Beside the Standard Backings (Iron On, Peel and Stick and Velcro), Are There Any Other Options for My Custom Patches?

February 9th, 2012

When it comes to backings for your custom patches, you don’t have to choose iron on, peel and stick or Velcro.  You also have other choices which we are featuring in today’s blogs.  We’ll briefly tell you the advantages of each so you can make the right decision for you custom patches.

Here’s what we offer in addition to iron on, peel and stick, and Velcro backings:

A Tuxedo Clip attachment is one option that we offer. It will allow you to just clip your custom patch to any type of material for wear or to show off your logo. It also comes with a safety pin you can pin it on also. The cost of this type of tuxedo clip only cost $0.50 per unit added to the patch price.

We also offer a clothing magnet type of backing. It will allow you to attach it to any type of clothing with no marks or holes in clothing. Every patch will have a cloth backing over it to protect the magnets and your clothing.

There is one more type of backing and that is a PVC backing. This allows your patch to be a bit more durable as far as wear and tear on your patch. It also allows your design to be seen from afar. It keeps your design flat when sewed onto your article of clothing.

Choosing the right backing for your custom patches is easy now that you know the benefits of each style that we offer.  If you have any further questions that need answered or are ready to request a free price quote and full color digital proof, email or call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We can’t wait to hear about your idea or concept for custom patches.


Custom Patches Help Identify Members of Your Group or Organization

February 7th, 2012

Custom patches are memorable.  That’s why it pays to have some made for your group or organization.  People will see the patch and immediately associate it with your club, business or non-profit.  This helps generate interest in the things you do and wins you the support of the community when it comes time to raise funds, sell new products, and announce open membership.

Patches Your Way Every Day

Patches are designed with you in mind.  That means you have creative license over what size and shape they are and what they look like.  You can include your logo or emblem as well as text with your group or organization’s name, location, website address or phone number.  This allows others to contact you easily.

Choose the Size, Shape, and Style That Best Fits Your Needs

Custom patches can be any size or shape you can imagine.  That means that you can use them for special events like rallies or fundraisers.  Whenever you want others to recognize the members of your group or organization make sure that they are wearing patches wherever they go.

Different Types of Backings Give You Options

We offer a number of different styles of backings.  Here are the ones you have to choose from:

  • No Backing
  • PVC Backing
  • Iron-On Backing
  • Peel & Stick Backing
  • Velcro Backing
  • Tuxedo Clip Attachment
  • Safety Pin Attachment

Let us help you get ready for an upcoming event by creating custom patches that help you identify your members.  Visit today to request a free quote.  You can speak to a representative about your design ideas or concept by emailing or calling 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We love working with individuals and groups to create custom patches that reflect their interests and values.