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Creating Custom Patches for Independence Day

June 14th, 2012

July 4th is fast approaching.  Have you thought to order custom patches for this special event yet?  If you haven’t, we can help you with that today.  Simply contact us and let us know what you had in mind.  This will give us a clear picture of what you want included on your Independence Day patches.

Many businesses and organizations like to reference the American flag in their design.  Others create their own designs using the colors red, white, and blue.  This makes the patches recognizable from a distance.  If you want your patches to stand out, you can include these elements along with your own logo or emblem.  This is great for branding and promotional purposes.  People will see the patches and begin to associate them with your business or organization.

Custom patches can be given out to customers, volunteers, and employees or they can be sold to the public as part of a fundraiser.  Wherever you determine there is a need, we can help.  We love going the extra mile to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with their order of Independence Day patches.  A happy customer makes us happy.

Honor this Fourth of July by creating custom patches today.  Visit to learn more about the ordering process.  You can also reach a representative by phone by calling 1-800-257-9664 toll-free or by emailing  We’ll be happy to listen to your request for custom patches and will even make suggestions to you based on the information that you gave us.