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Create Custom Patches for Freelance Writers Appreciation Week in February

January 13th, 2014

February 9th-15th is Freelance Writers Appreciation Week.  Book publishers, writer’s guilds, and freelance writer’s clubs are gearing up in anticipation of the week-long celebration.  As they put finishing touches on their plans, the design team at Signature Patches is busy coming up with artwork for their customers’ custom patch requests.

That’s right!  As a leading embroidered patch company, we know what it takes to create a gift item that is rich in personal meaning and sentiment and is attractive enough that people want to wear it.  If your business, organization, club or school wants to honor its freelance writers with a memorable gift this year, look no further than Signature Patches.

Different Types of Edges and Backings for You to Choose From

We offer embroidered and woven patches with different types of edges and backings.  Here are some of the options that you have to choose from:

  • 75% with Merrowed Edge
  • 100% with Merrowed Edge
  • Heat Cut Edge
  • No Backing
  • PVC Backing
  • Iron On Backing
  • Peel & Stick Backing
  • Velcro Backing
  • Tuxedo Clip Attachment
  • Safety Pin Attachment

These options exists as a way to meet your personal preferences.  It is entirely up to you to decide what will make your freelance writers patches stand out.  Your emblem, insignia or logo are options we can work with.  We can even cut the patches to shape to resemble the image included in your design.

Patches Instill a Sense of Pride and Affiliation

Custom patches instill a sense of pride in writers.  They help establish affiliation as well.  By wearing a patch on an article of clothing or hat, men and women are sharing their profession with others.  This is a great way to start a conversation.  People will be interested in freelance writing and speak to the writers in length about what they do and whom they hope to work with in the future.

Create custom patches for Freelance Writers Appreciation Week today.  Contact us through our website, by emailing or by calling 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We provide free artwork and design services as well as free shipping to your US address.  Let us know how we can be of help to you this year.  We’re here to answer any questions you might have and to create custom patches for you quickly and satisfactorily.

Contact us with your request.  We aim to please you by offering a no obligation free price quote, free revisions, and years of knowledge and expertise.  Let our creativity shine through to you.  Submit your inquiry to us right away so we can get started on the design process.

Using Custom Patches to Signify Rank or Position

January 10th, 2014

When it comes to moving up in the military or in a business or organization, there is a certain level of satisfaction that comes with the promotion.  The men and women who worked to achieve the advancement are proud of their accomplishments and rightfully so.  Rather than just outwardly praise them and give them a raise in their salary and/or a new title, why not do something a little more significant.  We can help you come up with a custom patch design that acknowledges their achievement.

Boost Morale with a Meaningful Gift

An award of appreciation goes a long way in boosting morale.  It turns people into leaders because others will turn to them for support and for answers whenever a question arises.  The men, women, and children become role models for others in their community.  Others who have yet to be promoted, strive to complete the tasks they’ve been given or to meet requirements so they, too, can receive a new rank or position and the perks that go with it.

Custom patches are attractive and meaningful.  They can be attached to a uniform or ball cap and worn that way.  Patches can also be sewn, ironed-on or Velcroed to bags and backpacks.  We offer a number of different backings to meet your needs.  If you prefer no backing at all, that is also an option you can choose.

Submit Your Ideas to Us Today

Contact us today for a no obligation, free price quote. The number to reach us at is 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  You can also email your request to  This will allow us to speak to you in detail about your ideas.

We provide free artwork and design services to help you get started.  We also provide free shipping to US addresses.  Submit your custom patch inquiry to us right away.

Once we’ve received approval from you and you’ve paid for your design in full, we submit it to our production department for manufacturing.  This allows you to receive your custom patches quickly.  Fast shipping is just one of the many ways we thank you for being a valued customer of Signature Patches.