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Custom PVC Patches

Custom molded, flexible, and light-weight.

Custom PVC Patches

Custom PVC Patches by Signature Patches


  PVC, which stands for Polyvinyl chloride, is a soft and adaptable plastic that can be molded to any shape and dyed to any color or shade, and is one of the most commonly used synthetic materials around the world. Soft PVC patches can be made with a 2D or 3D design. Our PVC Patches are waterproof and can withstand cold temperatures, making them ideal for harsh outdoor use. Custom molded, flexible, and light-weight, these patches are good for designs with fine lines or tiny lettering.

Our soft PVC labels can be used on bags, backpacks, jackets—almost anything. PVC Patches are an excellent way to show off your logo or name. They can be attached by Hook and Loop or sewn on or even glued on. PVC patches can be attached to either fabric or hard surfaces.

If you are sewing them on to fabric you will need a sewing channel. With Hook and Loop on the patches we will make a channel for you when we sew the Hook and Loop onto your PVC Patches.

PVC patches are primarily used for military gear for the US Army, Navy, Air force, or Marine Corps, but also can be used on any item that you would like to mark or display with pride.

PVC is a very versatile material, so much so that we use it to manufacture soft rubber PVC patches and labels that are more durable than cloth patches.

Silicone is a synthetic material that has low toxicity and low chemical reactivity. If you are making baby products and want PVC labels or need rubber labels, Silicone is recommended. Silicone is more expensive than PVC, so talk to a sales rep about which product would fit your needs better. To make PVC soft and bendable, plasticizers are added to the mix. PVC is also recyclable, but is not as environmentally friendly to produce as Silicone is.

Rubber (PVC) patches are rapidly gaining popularity because they can withstand most wear and tear and washes and still outlast the clothing. Our wide range of product materials such as PVC patches and Silicon patches satisfy all kinds of environmental requirements.

* 100 identical patch Minimum Order Email or fax your current design or artwork to get started in your design process. If you don’t have a particular design in mind please send a detailed description of your logo, thought, or idea which you would like created and our experienced, professional design team can create the perfect custom PVC patch for you.