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Create Custom Patches for Spring Astronomy Day

February 14th, 2015

April 25th is Spring Astronomy Day.  Offer your students something special to remember the occasion by.  Custom patches are perfect for pupils of all ages.  Designed to last, an embroidered, woven or PVC patch adds flair to garments, hats, and bags.

Each style of patch that we offer is crafted with care.  We create our products from quality materials.  More importantly, we custom make patches to your specifications.  Rather than go with a run-of-a-mill design, craft one of your own with our design team’s assistance.  They pay special attention to the things that make your astronomy program special.

Select the edge option that you like best.  Each is free of charge with every order.  We offer Merrowed Edges and Heat Cut Edges.  They are designed to strengthen patches, create a border for your patch design, and increase the longevity of your gift item.

We offer a number of backing options for you to choose from.  They are:

  • No Backing
  • PVC Backing
  • Iron-On Backing
  • Peel & Stick Backing
  • Hook and Loop Backing
  • Tuxedo Clip Attachment
  • Safety Pin Attachment

With over 250 thread colors and 70 mesh colors, your options are truly limitless.  Let us know which color combinations you’re interested in.  We offer up to 7 thread colors at no additional charge.  Remember, the higher percentage of embroidery thread used, the less likely the colored mesh you’ve selected shows through.  Embroidered patches can be up to 75% embroidered or 76%-100% embroidered depending on your needs and preferences.

Create custom patches for Spring Astronomy Day.  Contact Signature Patches with your request for a no obligation, free price quote.  We’ll answer your inquiry by email.  Check your inbox with a message from us.  It contains the price quote and digital file of artwork we promised you.

Email your ideas to  Call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We provide free artwork and design services to meet your needs.  Free shipping is an option we offer to all customers with a US address.

Create Custom Patches for International Guitar Month

February 12th, 2015

International Guitar Month takes place each April.  Prepare accordingly by getting your patch order in to us right away.  We offer embroidered, woven, and PVC patch styles to meet your needs.  Each has its own level of excitement and unique appearance.

Custom patches are perfect for musicians, fans, and students.  Anyone who identifies with the guitar appreciates mementos that resemble the musical instrument.  Custom patches are sewn, ironed on, Hook and Looped on to garments and materials as well as attached with safety pins in some cases.  They can be cut to shape to resemble the outline of a guitar.

Decide what style of patch is ideal for you.  If you need assistance, take a look at our online gallery and FAQ page for ideas.  Each provides valuable information for you to consider.  Visit for details about sizes, shapes, colors, and backing options.

Create custom patches for International Guitar Month.  Contact Signature Patches with your request for more information today.  We’ll send you an email containing everything you need to place an order with us.  You’ll receive a message with a price quote and digital file attachment of the artwork we created for you to review.  Both are complimentary.

Once we receive approval from you, we proceed with your order.  You custom patches are sent to the production department and manufactured.  The finished product is then sent to your home or business, whichever you prefer.  If your address is in the United States, we pay the cost of shipping things to you.

Email your ideas to  Call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We can’t wait to hear from you and to get started on a design for your International Guitar Month celebration.  Submit your request right away so we can get the design process started for you.

Five Reasons Why Custom Patches Should Be on Your Employee Uniforms

January 29th, 2015

Custom patches are perfect for employee uniforms for a number of different reasons.  This blog explains why.  It also gives insight on the patch ordering process so that you, too, can order custom patches for all of your employees this year.

Here are five reasons why custom patches should be on your employee uniforms:

  • They’re durable.  Wash and wear your patches with pride!
  • They’re unique.  No other company has patches like yours.  That’s because they’re designed for you by you!
  • They’re easy to apply.  Choose the backing style you like best.  We offer no backing, PVC backing, iron-on backing, peel & stick backing, Velcro backing, tuxedo clip attachment, and safety pin attachment options for you to choose from.
  • They make identifying employees easy.  No one will question who your employees work for when they see your custom woven or embroidered patches on uniforms.
  • They’re fun.  Who doesn’t like to feel like a part of the group!  Custom patches make every employee feel appreciated and valued.

Patches are woven or embroidered.  They’re created in the size, shape, and colors you like best.  They can be worn on one article of clothing or removed and applied to another with ease.  Best of all, patches withstand the elements.  This is particularly true about our newest offering, PVC patches.  They’re waterproof and perfect for outdoor climate.

Need patches?  Don’t hesitate to contact us!  As a leading custom embroidered and woven patch company, we do what it takes to make our customers satisfied.  Contact Signature Patches with your request for a no obligation, free price quote today.  We’ll send it and a digital file containing the custom artwork that we created for you to the email address we have on file for you.

Send your information to  Call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free and speak to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.  We want to hear your ideas and get to know your business so we can continue working with you in the future.

Create Custom Patches for International Sports Car Racing Day

January 27th, 2015

International Sports Car Racing Day is March 21st.  Do you plan on expanding your merchandise table or booth at this year’s event?  If you do, we’d like to help you plan for the occasion.  Signature Patches custom creates embroidered and woven patches in your choice of size, shape, and colors.

You heard that right!  Why go with run-of-the-mill items when you can have something unique and attractive?  Each custom patch is created with high quality materials.  Our patches are crafted with great care so they’ll last a really long time.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, we offer a number of different attachment options to meet your needs.  Appeal to sports car fans by offering a variety of options of souvenir patches.

Choose the edge styles that fits your unique needs.  We offer three different choices that are free with every order.  They are 75% with Merrowed Edge, 100% with Merrowed Edge, and Heat Cut Edge.  Edges protect patches from everyday wear and tear.

The backing options that we offer include:

  • ·         No Backing (FREE)
  • ·         PVC Backing (FREE)
  • ·         Iron-On Backing
  • ·         Peel & Stick Backing
  • ·         Velcro Backing
  • ·         Tuxedo Clip Attachment
  • ·         Safety Pin Attachment

To see what each looks like, visit

Offer several different sports car patches to choose from.  The more inventory you have on hand, the more patches you can sell at your event.  Make sure you have something for everyone.  Even young fans love sports cars!

We offer over 250 thread colors and 70 mesh colors to choose from.  Select the color combinations that best represent the cards at your International Sports Car Racing Day event.  People want to bring something special home with them.  Your merchandise table makes that possible.

Create custom patches for International Sports Car Racing Day.  Contact Signature Patches to place an order today.  We provide free artwork and design services, a no obligation, free price quote, and free shipping to a US address.  It’s our way of putting our customers first and thanking them for choosing us for their custom embroidered or woven patch needs.

Email your ideas, questions, and suggestions to  If you’d rather speak to us directly, call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We want to hear from you and provide you with excellent woven or embroidered patches for your International Sports Car Racing Day event.

Custom Bus-Shaped Patches Encourage Students to Love the Bus

January 12th, 2015

February is Love the Bus Month.  The ongoing campaign is sponsored by the American School Bus Council as a way of recognizing school bus drivers around the country and raising awareness about the value of these individuals as employees.  Your school district can do their part to acknowledge the annual initiative by creating custom embroidered or woven patches to hand out to students and bus drivers.  Let us assist you with the design process so we can quickly get your mementos ordered in time for your special event.

There are a number of different reasons why custom patches are ideal for adults and children.  Here are a few for you to consider:

  • Patches are unique and memorable.  They can be made to represent your school district, drivers, and students.
  • Patches are easy to attach.  We offer a number of different backing options including Velcro and Peel & Stick which are favorites for kids because the items are easy to apply and can be worn immediately.
  • Patches can be up to 100% embroidered.  We offer up to 75% embroidery as well as 76%-100% embroidery depending on your needs and preferences.  Our wide range of embroidery thread colors give you further customization options.  So does the many mesh colors that we offer.
  • Patches can be any size or shape you like.  Why not create a custom patch that looks like a school bus?  We can cut it to shape to resemble one of the many buses you have in your fleet of vehicles.

Create custom bus-shaped patches in anticipation of Love the Bus Month.  Give each student something memorable to take home with them.  Contact Signature Patches today for more information and to discuss the differences between embroidered patches and woven patches.  Our professional salespeople are ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Submit a request for a no obligation, free price quote through our website, by emailing or calling 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We provide all the tools and support needed to design and order custom patches from us.  If you need help at any time, don’t hesitate to ask.


National Justice for Animals Week Custom Patches Raise Awareness & Funds

December 20th, 2014

National Justice for Animals Week is February 16th-22nd.  Animal rescues and advocacy groups around the nation order custom embroidered and woven patches from us to use as education tools and to raise funds to support their cause.  We take great pride in crafting the type of fundraising item that people notice, appreciate, and wear.JusticeForAnimalsWeek

Crafted with Care for Your Special Cause

Our patches are crafted with care.  They use high quality materials that make the items durable and attractive.  We want the patches to be enjoyed for a really long time.  Excellent custom products are our specialty.  Take a look at our online gallery and be inspired by the designs you see there.  You’ll see patches in every size, shape, and color imaginable.

We offer embroidered and woven patches.  Giving you options is one of the ways we ensure your satisfaction.  We want you to be pleased with the selections that you have to choose from.  We also want to make sure that you have a unique memento that people look forward to sharing and wearing.

Encourage Others to Take a Stand for What is Right

Stand up for what you believe in.  Encourage others to do the same.  Contact Signature Patches with your request for a free price quote.  Check your inbox for an email from us.  It will contain the quote and a digital file attachment of the artwork we created for you.  This allows you to see what your patches will look like at the time of manufacturing.

If a revision is needed, please request one before approving your order.  We’ll send your final design to the production department for manufacturing.  The patches will then be produced and sent to the address we have on file for you.  We pay the shipping costs on all US orders.

Email your ideas to  You may also call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  Your business matters to us.  Our main goal is to create a custom patch design for you that helps further your cause by raising awareness and successfully gaining support in the form of donations.

Encourage Creativity with Your Custom Patch Design

December 18th, 2014

January is International Creativity Month.  Your custom patch design can showcase all of your creative thoughts, ideas, and offerings.  Think about how useful the mementos will be.  You can introduce people to the idea of creativity by handing them a custom woven or embroidered patch designed by you.

We Admire Your Creativity

We love creative people and encourage the sharing of all things creative.  That’s why our talented team of designers work with you to come up with artwork for your patches that is outstanding in every way.  We get an idea of what you’re looking for in regards to the size, shape, and style when we answer your request for a no obligation, free price quote.  This gives us an idea of which direction to take your patch idea in.

Your Satisfaction is Important to Us

Our ultimate goal is to create an item that is rich in visual appeal, color, and sentimental meaning.  After all, you want people to connect with the gift that you give them, right?  Creativity patches are more than just a memento.  They’re an inspirational tool that people hold onto for years and years.

Choose the Backing Type You Like Best

Select the style of backing you think is best for the people you’re giving patches to.  We offer sew on, iron on, and Velcro options to fit your needs.  We even have a no backing option if that is something you’d like to consider.  Patches can be attached with a safety pin and won on multiple articles of clothing.

A Gift That Inspires Wherever It Goes is Money Well Spent

Encourage people to be creative.  Contact Signature Patches with your request for custom embroidered or woven patches today.  We’ll answer your inquiry by sending you a no obligation, free price quote as well as a digital file attachment containing the custom artwork that we created for you.

Email your ideas to  Call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  It doesn’t matter how you decide to reach us.  One thing is certain.  We want to hear all of your creative ideas so we can pass them on to our design team.  They’re the people responsible for creating your custom patch design.

Youth Leadership Month Custom Patches Make Success Inevitable in February

December 17th, 2014

Youth Leadership Month takes place each February.  The month long initiative encourages young people to develop leadership skills.  It also commends youth leaders from around the nation for being upstanding citizens and role models.  Isn’t it time you thought about ordering a unique thank you gift for each young person?

Two Different Patch Styles for You to Choose From

For a truly meaningful gift item that young people enjoy, look no further than Signature Patches.  We offer two different styles of patches in whatever size, shape, and colors you feel best represent your business, organization or community.  The first option is an embroidered patch.  It can be up to 75% embroidered or 76%-100% embroidered depending on your preferences.  Over 250 thread colors and 70 mesh colors exist so you can create a memento that is true to the award that you’re giving and attractive in appearance.

The other option is woven patches.  This style of patch is ideal for detailed designs that wouldn’t look right unless they were fully embroidered.  We’re able to create the finest detail with our woven patch.  Let us know if this is an option you’re considering.  You still have the wide selection of thread colors to choose from but the mesh colors are irrelevant because you won’t see them showing through the design.

Embroidered or Woven Patches are Both Symbols of Success

Think about what success looks like to you.  Then incorporate an image of that into your youth leadership patch design.  The items can be handed out at workshops and conferences throughout the month as a way of supporting and encouraging young people to be their very best.  A patch is a gift that gets people talking.

Order Your Mementos Today

Encourage the youth in your community to become leaders.  Help make success inevitable for them.  Create custom embroidered or woven patches in your choice of sizes, shapes, and colors.  Let your personality shine through the design that you create to hand out.

Email your ideas to  If you’d rather speak to a representative by phone, please call 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We want to know what we can do for you.  Become a long time customer of ours today.  Let us show you what makes Signature Patches stand out among custom patch companies.

Create Typewriter-Shaped Custom Patches for Your Writing Group

December 11th, 2014

Typewriters have made a comeback, not as instruments to write books on, but as trendy images gracing the covers of books, magazines, stationery, and even fabric.  If you have a writing group that meets regularly, why not give them a special gift this fall?  Create typewriter-shaped custom patches that they can iron on, sew on or Velcro onto clothing and accessories.

Today’s writer carries a laptop or tablet to work on.  Custom patches can be attached to laptop bags or tablet sleeves.  Every time the members of your group pull out their equipment, they’ll see your custom patch.  This will give the men and women a sense of pride in what they’re doing.  They’ll feel honored to receive such a personal and meaningful gift.

Embroidered patches are crafted with care using high quality embroidery thread.  Choose the colors you like best.  Personalize the patches by including text on the paper in the design.  The typewritten document can have your club’s name on it.  This is a fun way to let others know what your club is all about.

We encourage you to think outside the box.  Create an embroidered patch that is a special shape today.  The members of your writing group will fall in love with the custom typewriter-shaped patches that you created for them.

Submit your request for a no obligation, FREE price quote through our website, by emailing or by calling 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  As soon as we receive your request, we’ll get started on the custom artwork for your order.  Once our designers have completed the process, we’ll send a file attachment containing your design to the email address we have on file for you.

If you need answers to your questions, you can refer to our FAQ page or ask them when you contact us by email or phone.  We go the extra mile to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with the patches we create for you.

Promote the Different Clubs on Campus with Custom Patches

December 9th, 2014

A well-rounded college experience is what students hope for when they enroll in school.  That’s why extracurricular activities are very important.  Sports, clubs, and charitable organizations are every bit as important as academics.  The role groups play on campus and in the community is critical.  As a director, counselor, administrator or educator, you have the ability to shape a young person’s future through the clubs that you offer on campus.

Clubs on campus give students an outlet outside of their studies.  Extracurricular activities foster a sense of pride in achievement and promote creativity.  Students who have an interest in a particular area can explore that option without making a full-time commitment to it.  They can “test drive” a number of careers and industries to see which is the best fit for them.

New members can be welcomed to school and the club in a number of different ways.  One that makes a big impression is a custom embroidered or custom woven patch gift.  The mementos are attractive and meaningful.  Students can wear them on an article of clothing or a hat and attached to backpacks and messenger bags for others to see.

Custom patches give clubs and club members instant recognition.  They are real conversation starters.  When people see students wearing a patch and they recognize the image on the patch or the name of the club, organization or sports team, they’ll be more apt to inquire about what’s happening on campus.  Club members can then share their experience with others easily and confidently.

You have so much to offer others.  Why not create a buzz about your club on campus by creating custom patches to hand out.  You can reach Signature Patches through our website, by phone or via email for more information.  We work with you to highlight the different club, organizations, and activities that you offer at your school.

Submit your request for a free price quote via our online submission form.  You can also email your ideas to  The phone number to reach us on is 1-800-257-9664 toll-free.  We’ll get your patches to you in time for your big event or membership drive.  Contact us today to get the design process started.